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Full Pack






The world is changing.


Those changes are ushering in an explosion of opportunities for those primed and ready to leverage these shifts and seize the future they deserve, right now.

Your path is not set in stone! Now is the time to intervene and refine your direction. We invite you to be part of a massive world-wide transformation and embrace with strong and open arms the life you deserve, on your terms.

The Full Pack Series will change your life at every level. The results are nothing short of thrilling!

The three modules in this series, the Tachyon, the Aether and the Plasma, will teach you the skills you need to navigate different parts of yourself and your environment at higher level.

With practice, these skills can be leveraged to manifest profound and rapid changes in your life.

Each immersive module provides an opportunity for you to discover new experiences and to integrate the tools and life-long strategies you need to achieve outcomes you didn’t know were possible.

These modules are regularly updated to provide you with the highest level of information and support, and dynamically presented to elevate your personal experience.

Usually, these modules are presented individually as online workshops, and there may be weeks or months in between sessions. We are offering all workshops together in person, only twice per year up to 10 people. 2023 is turning into a groundbreaking year that requires groundbreaking support in every single way.

Aether Consulting Experience is offering a unique chance to experience all three modules in a single week, a once in a lifetime opportunity, in a luxurious sunny place where you’ll find the motivation you need to chart your new course in your life and achieve a lifetime of success in a single week!



(This is a fully customized course for up to 8 people maximum)


This program will be presented in three modules over the course of one intensive week. By observing the behavior of nature, of atoms and particles, it becomes possible to enlarge the understanding we have of the human being, of his capacities and of the tools he has at his disposal to move forward.


Module One – The Tachyon level


Here you will create a link between a faster-than-light particle’s behaviour and how you can be inspired by its perspective to accelerate your momentum for change and daily creation.

Your instructor will challenge you to open yourself up to the science of possibility and embark on a journey of discovery that will uncover your true potential and deep-seated power, allowing the real you to finally emerge.

It’s time to step outside of what you thought you knew about yourself and old ideas of “healing” and “personal development”, and embrace a new set of practices and beliefs that will empower you to reach for what you want in this life easier and faster.


Module Two – The Aether level


We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘put it into the aether,’ but in the Aether module, we teach you how to reproduce the principles of the most complex information processing system to create new ways of material realizations.

The Aether represents the void inside of all matter, and within that void, our intent can take a million different pathways. 

Sometimes the outcome is good; sometimes the outcome is a challenge, and we often feel that we have no control over what happens.

We will explore tangible system you can apply after knowing new point of view about the aether concept.

This is why this module is the ultimate challenge of your life mastering, your being and your autonomy.


Module 3 – The Plasma level


The Plasma module is a masterclass in the science of tangible realisation.

This module builds on the skills you learnt in the Tachyon and Aether modules and introduces you to the Plasma, the fourth state of matter.

Plasma is the space that receives the information surrounding your intent and ultimately gives it shape. With training, you can learn to see outcomes on the verge of materialising and adjust those outcomes to support your deepest desires and highest dreams.


Before going further, you have to understand that these unique thrilling and daring experiences allow you to learn from little-known structures and mechanics of life’s foundations, in order to optimize the way you use your thinking, your ideas, your decisions, your actions, your results.

You will face limitations that you do not have to go through via the usual personal evolutionary paths. Your ability to harness the potential of all that you experience, learn, discover, test, apply, observe and do, will be decisive in the results you achieve.

This workshop series is designed for people who are willing, active, on track and in constant need of a challenge. It’s time to move away from personal or professional development and problem analysis and move on to personal entertainment to get beyond your basic potential !



Link Sessions are a critical tool in your development.

They are a dedicated, one-on-one session with Paol and his team to check in with your goals and challenge yourself to go deeper.

That’s why, if you sign up for the Full Pack Series, you will receive 5 bonus Link Sessions to help you integrate the workshop teachings into your life over the long-term and to support your growth.

Each one on one session will reinforce that you are part of a great awakening and a new way of living.

Prerequisite : none
Duration : 8 Jours


Full Pack


Nov 2023