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Red Dot


Red Dot Workshop


Set your target, and GO


Life moves quickly, and you must be strong enough to withstand the velocity of radical success.


This program activates and harnesses your inner warrior, and sharpens your psyche so you can expand your abilities and achieve heights you never imagined possible. 


Most participants in this weekend workshop are unaware of their true potential at the start. 


Olivier invites you to go beyond your known environment to extract new resources, and through interviews and exercises, to create a plan for you to hone and balance your unique strengths and weaknesses. 


From that point on, the workshop is personal to you and becomes laser-focused on those activities and exercises that will help you transform exactly where you need to. 


Participants explore important themes like: 


What does freedom mean to me? 

Who is directing my life and my choices? 

Do I have a clear vision for my life path? 

What does it mean to commit myself to something or someone? 

What is my purpose in this life? 


Aether’s approach is to support those parts of you that need work, so that you can find your balance and rapidly move forward in your life. 


This workshop is designed for those who are already motivated, assertive and willing to do the hard work to accelerate their existing success even further. 


Accept uncomfortable. Accept challenge.


Warriors offer no excuses, and never give up. You will be expected to be fully committed and accountable to your transformation. Be fearless. 


You will discover: 


  • A way to identify your strengths and weaknesses and track your progress

  • A practical plan to address your weaknesses and balance out your inner strength

  • How to eliminate your illusions and leave old beliefs in the dust

  • How to avoid victims’ mentality and think like a commando

  • New ways to live your life with authenticity and respect for yourself and others


Prerequisites : Interested participants must attend an interview to determine their suitability for the program

Duration : 2 days

Includes : 2 Links Sessions (can be used within 1 month after the end of the workshop)

Prerequisite : none
Duration : 2 days


Red Dot