Who are we?

Our commitment to you


Aether Consulting Experience is a movement to teach people to accelerate their inner growth and professional development. 

Change only happens when we explore the boundaries of what we believe is possible and move beyond them. We believe that we should not be limited by what has gone before, but rather challenged by the possibilities that lie ahead. 

We work diligently to discover and test new ideas and experiences so that we can share them with you.

Our approach to personal development emphasizes self-reliance and personal growth and, most importantly, teaching you practical, relevant strategies that you can apply in your everyday life.


Your commitment to yourself 

Don't be afraid to take it all apart to rediscover it. 

Applying the potential of the Tachyon particle to your life will test your will and courage to change. 

There comes a time in every workshop when you will feel challenged. Your commitment to yourself must be to move beyond this resistance and be willing to embrace the potential that Tachyon activation will bring to your life.

No workshop is a quick fix. You are responsible for how you use the gifts you are given.

Tachyon accelerates and expands all that you already are, and if you have the courage to move forward, a new life awaits you. 

About Paol, founder of Aether Consulting Experience


"I don't have any limits and my only goal is for you to reach yours".


Thinker, Originator, Iconclast

A mad scientist at heart, Paol had already been researching the intersection between quantum physics and human behavior when he began working with the Tachyon particle.

When he applied the particle to his own life, the changes he saw matched all the accepted theories of the Tachyon particle's behavior, but it wasn't until he became seriously ill that Paol realized the true impact of the Tachyon particle on his life.

Over the course of a year, he became ill several times, and each time, Paol harnessed the potential of the Tachyon more effectively until he could change his health once and for all. This experience cemented Paol's theories that Tachyon could transform his life and that it was possible to teach others to do the same.


Our team


Aether Consulting Experience works with several talented partners to offer Tachyon workshops. 

To date, we have workshops in France, the UK and the US. In 2020, we also began offering Tachyon workshops virtually, so that people around the world can discover the potential of Tachyon and transform their lives.


Facilitator of the Basic Tachyon and Red Dot Workshops:



"I focus on applying self-realization around the most important point in one's life in the present moment."


Warm, Ruthless, Charismatic


Until 2011, Olivier had a traditional professional life.

Then, following a trip to the Philippines with a local therapist, he developed a facility for multi-dimensional travel and for acting on the astral plane.

In 10 years, he has accompanied hundreds of people towards their energetic autonomy.

Using essentially inner journeys, quantum analysis, strategic psychology and other original methods that he has developed during his life journey.

Since his expatriation to Brazil in 2017, he focuses on the optimization of self-realization through the Red Dot experience which he initiated.

He joins the Aether team in 2021 and also leads the basic Tachyon workshops.

Who are we?